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Who We Are is an informal collaboration of community leaders and concerned citizens spearheaded by Onshore Outsourcing. We exist to generate and implement commitments to develop solutions for economic growth, long-term competitiveness, and social mobility in Macon County. Our aim is to free our community from spiritual, economic, social, and physical poverty, enabling the citizens of Macon County to see beyond their current situation toward a better way of life.

Who we are

Economic Impact

Income from job creation multiplies as we spend in our community, impacting the lives of many more families and friends than it may seem. Job growth is the only sure way to guarantee economic prosperity. Working together, we can secure prosperous futures for ourselves, our children, and our neighbors and fearlessly face our nations macro-economic headwinds.

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Creating More Jobs

Each and every one of us desire a job with meaning and purpose to provide for our families, present and future. Onshore has shown that this, and incredible growth, is possible in a rural area through the support of local organizations vested in a brighter future. It is our awesome responsibility, as stewards of our great country and community, to collaborate and see what else we can build together.

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Our Commitment

Onshore Outsourcing continues to honor its commitment to business growth in Macon County by fulfilling its mission of helping our area’s residents see beyond their current situations toward a better way of life. Our futures only grow brighter as we provide opportunities to 100 or more rural Americans in our next phase of IT job growth.

To prepare for that growth, Onshore is making a tremendous investment in acquiring the former Missouri Department of Transportation campus at 902 North Missouri Street in Macon. The campus space will be used for much needed job space as well as several unexpected benefits to our community: a childcare facility, space for Macon Area Career and Technical Education Center classes, Hannibal-LaGrange University classes, and other potential community uses.

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IT related jobs are outsourced overseas.

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