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Celebrate rural living by pitching in, working hard, and building a future for our neighbors.

Generations of skilled workers will change the course of our community and guard against economic disaster.

Cultivating an entrepreneurial spirit will generate new job creation engines and guarantee our community's viability in a rapidly changing world.

Innovative education and business solutions have proven our community competitive at a global level.

Ethical and driven, rural workers are enviably capable getting every job done.

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How can I help create jobs?

Onshore has been actively engaged in answering that question within its own four walls for nearly a decade and it never gets easier. Throughout the years we have partnered with a number of organizations, like the Macon County R-1 School District, to develop better opportunities for our company and residents in our community. But how can you create jobs when you don’t own or manage a company?

If you have passion for the well-being of your community, and want to be part of ensuring its present and continued success, you’re already well on your way. Express your interests by clicking Take Action below and help Macon County secure its future.

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Onshore is currently hiring! If you are looking for a change in your own future, apply now and consider one of our boot camp or direct employment opportunities to become an IT professional!

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