The impact of 200 jobs

200 jobs generate wages of $7 Million annually in Macon.

The wages’ spending power has a $35 Million local impact.

Added spending creates 260 additional local jobs.

In total, Macon benefits from a $60 Million economic impact.

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How have we impacted Macon County?

In just a few years, Onshore Outsourcing has created over 150 jobs in Macon County and we are just getting started. With our recent purchase of the Missouri Department of Transportation campus at 902 North Missouri Street, we can continue our growth plans to quickly add another 100 jobs right here in Macon.

Onshore’s existing business has a tremendous economic impact on the City of Macon and Macon County through local spending turnover. But we also pay taxes on houses and cars and land, and donate our money to local improvement. Our employees give their time charitably to local organizations and those in need, bolstering resources and stretching the reach of each and every non-profit dollar. Lastly, our company spends its own resources to create future-building systems for the families of its employees and its communities.

Direct and indirect, tangible and intangible, the economic impact Onshore has here in Macon is phenomenal.

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Our new Georgia campus.

Onshore would like to introduce the Glennville, Georgia campus, our second Rural Delivery Center. We have created over 70 new jobs in Georgia, which will continue to needs outpace our Macon capacity. Join the conversation to find out more about our Glennville and Macon campuses.

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