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Jobsformacon.com is an informal collaboration of community leaders spearheaded by Onshore Outsourcing.

We are committed to developing solutions for economic growth, long-term competitiveness, and social mobility in Macon County.

Our mission is to free our community from spiritual, economic, social, and physical poverty to enable citizens of Macon County to see beyond their current situation toward a better way of life.

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Our rural heritage has been damaged by offshoring and factory automation for decades and the current world economic climate promises to continue its threats over the coming years, with ever increasing social and financial hardship and worse. Further, we are facing a legacy of families, broken of their spiritual, financial and social freedoms, who will raise generations of poverty until the cycle is broken.

We must stand as a community, build a prosperous future that belongs to our children, and break the cycle of poverty that has stricken our great nation.

Since its inception, Onshore Outsourcing has been committed to reversing the cycle of poverty in rural areas, helping its employees see beyond their current situation toward a better way of life, and restoring America’s middle class. With jobsformacon.com, Onshore invites you to join the fight by contributing your special talents to building the greatest future possible for our community.

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Jobs at Onshore Outsourcing

Onshore Outsourcing has a unique approach to the hiring process. If you are interested in gaining skills in software development, you should apply for our in-house boot camp program. We provide an 8-week in depth boot camp program to quickly train people with no coding experience to become programmers.

Outside of our boot camp program, we have also partnered with the local school system to help support programming classes at the high school. Now, high school students have the ability to learn programming while in school and start working professionally after graduation.

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